Planet Max - vol.17

Cast: Catalina, Daisy Marie, Loretta, Summer Luv, Vanessa
Genres: Oral, Anal, A2M, Fisting, Extreme
Video language: English

Scene One : Max sets the scene up on a balcony overlooking Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, saying that the best way to see the city below is by helicopter, before we see SuMmErLuV riding in the back of a car, looking good, though slightly over made-up, with her hair in pigtails. She now walks past a hangar, and out towards the helicopter that Max has rented, which is when we get a full view of this flat as a board girl, wearing a bikini top, and a miniskirt resembling a piece of fabric just barely around her hips, and white platformed shoes, while wheeling a bag of equipment behind. Max has his hat strapped on, and his cock out of his shorts for SuMmEr to go to work on, then she sits her ass down on his cock, reverse cowgirl style, ignoring her bald pussy, while inside the cramped confines of the helicopter. She sucks his cock, straight from her ass, with more anal following, as she’s bent over, moving back to some brief reverse cowgirl, before she gets on her back to take his cock deep, ending a pretty hot scene with a load of cum in her mouth and some cum bubbles blown.

Scene Two : Down to Miami where Catalina, looking good as always, brings Vanessa, a cute brunette and an aspiring model, who is wearing a reddish sheer top, and a mini-miniskirt, as a present to Max. He likes, and wastes little time in feeling up this 18-year-old’s natural tits, and not much more time goes by before Catalina pulls her skirt up, pointing Max to her hairless pussy, all while she’s been playing with his cock, through his fly. Max bends her over a chair, and Catalina leaves to get some ice cream, leaving him to fuck her pussy, while gripping her hair a bit. Max strips down and it isn’t much longer before the analization starts with some throat fucking going on straight from her ass, as she leans back on the arm of the chair. Vanessa is a pretty light, and skinny girl, and he has no problems pulling her ass to his cock, and then her body back the other way on the chair, for the throat fucking, doing so a couple of times. Catalina gets back in on some of the action, four fingering Vanessa’s pussy a bit, and giving Max a pretty quick gagging bj, before she leaves the screen, and he returns to the ass fucking, which moves through a couple of positions. Catalina’s back, this time she has a dildo to use on Vanessa’s pussy, while she is still sitting on Max’s cock. To put an end to yet another surprisingly hot, though obviously cut, scene, Max gives Vanessa a load to swallow, with Catalina giving her a helping hand.

Scene Three : Here we open up with some racing action from Laguna Seca Raceway in California, before we see Max in the back of an RV with a pretty decent looking blonde. Loretta is how she’s credited, though he calls her Lorena, but anywho, sees wearing a green button top, tied in the middle, a polka dotted miniskirt, pulled up around her waist, with her bald pussy easily accessible. Max fingers her pussy a bit, and she lends a hand to his cock a bit as well, then she gets up on her knees, bent over, and with the miniskirt off, he fingers her some more, and fucks her some. She soon sits her ass on his cock, reverse cowgirl style, and does a lot of moaning throughout, even getting DP’d by way of a dildo, as she continues riding him. Catalina gets into the scene, using the dildo, and her fingers, on Loretta, once she is on her back and as Max continues with fucking her ass. For the first time in this scene we get a view of Loretta’s smallish natural tits, and to end this pretty good scene, Catalina paints her lips and nips up with lipstick before Max cums on her face, and in her mouth.

Scene Four : Max, at his house in LA, zooms in on a cute brunette who arrives at the house, gets a quick tour of the place, and a tour of his closest, which is filled with all the colorful outfits he uses. She gets prepped for her scene, changing into an orange miniskirt and a pink top tied in the middle, her hair is up in a single pigtail, along with white heeled shoes, and she puts some lipstick on before we get to see if she has model potential. Max asks her name, and this tall and thin cutie says her name is Daisy, and he soon goes on to untie her top, feeling up those small natural tits a bit, as well as finding her bald pussy with his fingers quite easily. He then sits down on a couch, and she climbs up next to him, on her knees, bending down to suck on his cock. After a bit of gagging oral on the couch, she gets down on her knees for the throat fucking to continue on, and her throat does get thoroughly fucked, with plenty of gagging before he drops a load in her mouth, but she doesn’t swallow, which upsets Max, so he tells her to play with the cum, and so closes out this very hot scene.

Format: avi
Duration: 1:59:57
Video: 720x480, DivX 4, 1465kbps
Audio: 187kbps

File size: 1.4 GB

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