Tree Ninkanri

Release Year: 2015

Year of release: 2015
Genre: Big breasts / DFC, Blowjob, Defloration, Kimono, Maid, Paizuri
Platform: PC / Windows
Language games: English
System requirements (minimum):
OS: WinVista / 7/8 / 8.1; CPU: Core2Duo 2GHz; RAM: 1GB; VRAM: 256MB, DirectX: 9.0, 1280 * 960; HDD: 1.8 GB
Diligent and serious, weak to push in the good-natured, Ya hero Seto is to typical "nice guy" that does not put you alone if put people who are in trouble.
Such Ya one day, be approached consultation from engaged in real estate business.
It management and property to management, recovery of rent that residents are in arrears.
And are you in arrears was the women of the whopping 10 people.
"I'm sorry. And I want you to wait for the payment of rent only for a little while ......"
What residents also align everyone uniformly mouth.
But from his , "everyone, they've no longer pay for a reason something. It's not a bad person, I want to give somehow," he asked with.
Can not be such that you alone if there are people who are in trouble Ya, was solidify their determination to be'll help

File size: 1.8 GB

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