The Kidnapper's Demands - For the Sake of Her

Release Year: 2014

Toshiko Misoji raised her Yuu as a single . Everything was happy, until that dreadful phone call no parent ever wants to get...

"I have your kid. Do exactly what I tell you, or he dies."

For the sake of her beloved , as a , Toshiko will do anything.

1280x720 widescreen graphics size
30 unique CGs + many variations
fully voiced (CV: Juri Kinashi)
Over 2 hours of recorded dialogue, over 2000 spoken words!

Witness the exciting, humiliating depths that Toshiko goes for information about her missing . Masturbation on the phone, surrender of her body to loan sharks, train , a press interview with a vibrator between her thighs, lewd public photography, S&M club gangbang, and finally, sex with the vile kidnapper himself... With loads of erotic voice acting!

File size: 628.1 MB

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