Chaos Labyrinth

Release Year: 2015

Year of release: 2015
Genre: 3D, RPG, Fantasy, Monster Girl, Virgin, Anal, DFC, Outdoor, Bukkake
Platform: PC / Windows
Language games: English
System Requirements: OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7, CPU: 1.0GHz, RAM: 1GB, 1024x576, DirectX: 9.0c
Description Of:
When he awoke, he realized that he was in the room who did not know. Only moonlight lit up the place.
Trying to get up, he heard the creak of his body that he was bedridden for many years.
He does not know where he was. He does not know who he was. He does not even remember his name.
Overcoming the pain, he went to bed, raising clouds of dust. When he came out, he saw that the place looks like a castle.
But all around was only silence, and in the windows of no lights. Only the moon was his girlfriend that night.
Suddenly, he was seized with anxiety. World distorted, bell sounds reached his ears,
breaking the head into small pieces. How long was it? Chills and bell sounds already left him.
Instead, before his eyes flashed a shadow. But ... it was something incredible.

File size: 1.8 GB

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