Kanjuku Rouge Drip

Release Year: 2013

Release year: 2013

Genre: Milf, Blowjob, Big Breasts, Prostitution, Group, Gangbang, Body Writing, in a game
Platform: Pc / Windows
Publication Type: License
License: Freeware
Language Games: English
Language: English
Sound language: English
System requirements: Os: Windows: Xp/Vista/7, Cpu: 1.0Ghz, Ram: 512, 800x600, Directx: 9.0c
Mori Kaname 16-year-old young man who has received his first-time job in a cafe "Sabrina."
Once a beautiful adult woman went into a cafe and went to him for a little chat.
Owner later told Kaname that actually cafe is a special club for women over 40,
who like to have fun with the young guys. Kaname soon brought order to the apartment.
It was the woman from the cafe and a huge bed. Thus began his experience with the older ladies.
The women of this club have a fetish - they love working tongue.
The only thing Kaname had no idea about is that one of the women in the club, he knows very well.

File size: 1.2 GB

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