Virgin Roster

Release Year: 2013

Release year: 2013
Genre: Vn, Group Sex, Animation
Tabletka: Not required
Publication Type: license
OS: Win xp
System requirements: Pentium3 500Mhz, Win 98/2000/Me/Xp, 128Mb Ram

Virgin Roster - an intriguing and provocative erotic game in anime style. Your hero - new school chemistry teacher Kengo Inui, attractive and well-built young man, had a weakness for inexperienced young girl whose bosom had not yet come to know the touch of a man. He wants to be the first to derail just blown a fragrant flower. Kengo cleverly hides a raging passion in the guise of a noble teacher. Naive girls completely trust his teacher, until he is completely in his power to do any compulsive sexual whim. 7 charming seductive girls - a 7 different endings and the passing game. In the final, you expect a heavenly pleasure and a lot of extra bonuses and gallery candid pictures.

File size: 284.1 MB

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