Gentlemen Comics

Release Year: 2014

Website Publisher: Eurotica, Mind control comics, Sombrero, Sexperiencias, Selen - Pornostar
Subsite publisher: Comixnaruss, ruscomics
Translator: DeDka, siroga69, staal, Howk, Mr.Hyde, seer, Ignat, Porco
Type of distribution: Comix
Censorship: None
Genre: Straight, BDSM, Gang Bang, Oral, Anal, Solo, Dildo
Language: Russian
Permission pages: from 586x799 to 1806h2778
Number of pages: 1465 pages in 65 folders
Format: JPG
Description: In this hand the works of the world famous Comic Creators for Adults: Colin Murray, Cristian Montez, Dan Barry, Daphne, El Gringo, Fransic Leroi, Jack-Henry Hopper, Leone Frollo, Olaf Boccere ... (Not all comics however, are available in full on the great and mighty ...). Some names can be read by you the first time. Thanks to the efforts of translators on the Russian language you have an opportunity to learn comics these authors closer.

File size: 755.5 MB

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