Meet and Fuck

Genre: Big breasts, Group sex, Rape, Anal sex, BDSM, Flash, Blowjob
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Meet And Fuck Games and Games of Desire
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: Modified (pirates)
Medicine: Present
Language game: English
Language: English
System requirements:
Adobe Flash Player

Description: Collection of games pay site Meet And Fuck Games, as well as games from the free site GamesOfDesire.
How to run the game
Running games through baka.selector:
1.B folder Bakaloader run "baka.selector.exe".
2.In the list, click on any game.
Running games through baka.loader:
1.Prosto drag the game to the file "baka.loader.exe".
2.Delaem this program as default to open swf files.
1) Right-click on the file swf.
2) In the context menu, select "Otkyt as ...".
3) It lets you find and select "baka.loader.exe" ..
Running games through serevere:
1.Pravim file hosts (instructions below).
2.Zapuskaem mnfserver.exe from folder MNF Rus (black window will appear that says "Ready");
3.Otkryvaem browser meetandfuckgames (you should see the list of games);
4.If not work (or get out the menu with pictures of the old MNF-server) - Clean the entire browser history.
Edit the hosts file to "mnfserver":
1. Go to the Windows System32 drivers etc and open the file hosts (if it is not - create a text file named hosts and delete the extension. Txt)
2. Next, please make the following line at the very end of the file: meetandfuckgamesn meetandfuckgames mnfserver
When you start the game there is an error "Server connection is failed.Please reload this page.":
1. Check the file "hosts" presence
2. Try using a different browser (eg Firefox).
3.Start "mnfserver" as administrator.
If you start "bakaloader" error "Component 'MSWINSCK.OCX' or one ...":
1. Located in the folder "Bakaloader" hold Shift and click the right mouse button.
2. In the context menu, select "Open Command Window."
3. In the console, enter "regsvr32.exe mswinsck.ocx" without the quotes.
If "mnfserver" writes about Port 80
Regarding the port 80.
1. Go to "Start" vyberaem click "Run"
2. We type cmd, and nazhmimae "OK"
3. In the window naberaem command netstat-ano and hit "Enter" (on the keyboard)
4. Now, under "Local Address", find the port and you want us to write it in the ID column "PID"
Such as port 80, ID 440.
5. Open the Windows Task Manager.
6. In the "Task Manager Windows" go to "Processes" tab;
7. In the main menu, open the item "View" and select "Select Columns ...";
8. In the "Select Columns" find the item "identification. Process (PID)" and put a check mark next to it;
9. Click "OK";
10. Now in the "Task Manager Windows", click on the column heading "PID", to sort processes in ascending order;
11. Find the number of our process 440 and in the "Image Name", see what process is our port.
Thank SerGrayBlack.
For those who have Windows 7, and port 80 is blocked by the system
1) Run RegEdit (Start-> Run-> Enter "regedit":
2) go to a branch: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SYSTEM CurrentControlSet Services HTTP
3) Create a DWORD (32-bit).
4) Specify the name of 'NoRun' without the quotes
5) Now click on the newly created key
6) In the field to write '1 'and click OK
7) Reboot

File size: 860.5 MB

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